A museum without walls

Migration concern us all!

Let's be honest. Who doesn't have brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents who migrated? There is no Switzerland without migration. This should not be neglected in the current political debates. In cooperation with Swiss museums we would like to collect such migration life stories and present them to the public.

How does it work?

The MIM website focuses on motion. Close the description field either by clicking a. on the map or b. on the x-button or c. on one of the latest entries in the list on the right side. Afterwards you move through the pool of stories or you visit the museums involved in the project.
In the headline you can combine favored contents. The navigation in the footer leads you back to the welcome page or helps you if you have any questions.

The MIM project
Migration with all its manifold aspects has left a deep imprint on our society. People have always left their countries in order to escape from poverty, misery, and wars to find happiness somewhere else. Switzerland had times when the population of whole valleys emigrated overseas. On the other hand refugees and emigrants from all over the world have looked here for shelter and a better life. Switzerland is a migration country. But Switzerland does not have a museum to commemorate this fact.

A museum without walls
The „Musée imaginaire des migrations" is a museum without walls. Based on an idea of the Swiss authors Daniel de Roulet and Fabio Pusterla this museum establishes a mental space which is accessible to everyone but yet is not fixed in any place. It is a changeable museum in accordance with its dynamic topic. MIM is based on three independent pillars which complement each other:

1. The migration life stories;
2. The suitcase display cabinet, the visible metaphor for a changeable and fugitive museum;
3. The website, which is also a communication platform.
The „Musée imaginaire des migrations" collects authentic migration life stories. 100 stories displayed at 100 sites all over Switzerland form a unique imaginary museum.

The suitcase display cabinet - an exhibition here and there

Switzerland has an amazing abundance of museums. MIM takes advantage of this fact by acquiring museums as network partners. MIM migrates to these museums and exhibits there its collected life stories on a rented square meter. The suitcase display cabinet which was especially produced for this purpose serves as a visible metaphor. At the same time it is a multifunctional showcase. Each displays an object or a document which directly relates to a migration life story. The full story can be studied on the internet. In this way the form and the topic team up in an ideal way. The migration life stories have to migrate themselves. MIM is a growing competence center. On its website the imaginary museum links real sites and documents authentic stories.

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