New tools

Once upon a time:
  • authors write books
  • publishers proofread and produce books
  • bookshops sell books
  • media publish reviews
  • literature houses hold readings
  • readers read books


  • authors write and publish books
  • new interfaces connect writers and readers
  • readers download and read books

New opportunities for distribution, promotion and publishing.

  • e-books
  • customized books
  • self-publishing / books on demand / print on demand

The questions are:

  • How do I find my readers?
  • How can I found a good label?

A succesful project: - a publishing house that belongs to the authors

link - le contemporain s'écrit numérique

One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop for Literature - all modules in one:
  • book tip database
  • readers' Radio
  • eBook store
  • authors' Websites
  • automatically generated Book on demand
  • information services
  • blogs
  • special tools for authors etc.