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Reading the Net - Book and Website

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The Definition:
Reading the Net is a book edition - both online and in print.
The edition „Lesen am Netz" is published in the Austrian „Studienverlag" as a series of anthologies.
Some of the texts are published online: readers have the opportunity to collect the texts freely for new collections.

The basis
It is based on a project called „Reading the Net"; it deals with the following questions:

  • How are readers and the act of reading changing in the digital age?
  • Is comprehension getting worse if reading ability is no longer based on the printed word?
  • Is the traditional notion of reading disintegrating in the digital age since it brings into play other senses, casting a new light on the concept of social learning?

Rokfor (TM)

link A short film about rokfor
rokfor is the pseudonym for a software, which is managed via the internet.
It is a database, that is individually structured for each user. With optimized masks for editing.
The online applications collects data, that are converted to a printable PDF document or other formats, such as websites - by a customized plugin.
The generator adopts the structuring and design after defined rules.

rokfor can

  • process large volumes of data
  • build up narratives
  • connect differents texts with keywords
  • create surprising incidents
  • stimulate the collaborative working

Different writers collect and edit their texts straight in the input mask.
Programmer, designer, editor and writer work together from the beginning.

The basic design consists on „if-then-else" rules - with the effect of unpredictable moments, that is a loss of control.
rokfor is a combination of

  • editorial process
  • automatic design
  • creative database management
  • flexible publishing
  • programming research
link Design Award for rokfor

Books at random

application/pdf The Encyclopaedizer - excerpt (in german)
link The Encyclopaedizer
The Encyclopaedizer

Encyclopaedizer is a collaborative dictionary. It consists of three parts, an Internet platform, an exhibition interface, and a printed dictionary.

The elements:
The core (part) of Encyclopaedizer is an engine that transforms multimedia content from the Internet into dictionary entries. This combination of content - text and images - produces new and exciting results.

Encyclopaedizer is available as a printed dictionary, too. The dictionary is the analogue counterpart to the digital archive. It will be available as book on demand from local print shops.
Any users is able to select their entries and entries added by others and collate them to a printed dictionary. So the user becomes a co-author of the Encyclopaedia E. Every edition of this dictionary is unique and represents a snapshot from the life of Encyclopaedizer. The printed dictionary is dedicated to the individual user. It contains the selected terms and definitions, a section portraying the Encyclopaedizer exhibitions, details of the project and statistical data on the entries.


The archive as a book

Robert A. Fischer: Ich Buchstabendrescher


Books on demand

Edition rokfor - basic knowledge