The swiss ministry of culture

The address of a fake

link The website
The idea:
  • The internet user community elects a minister of culture as the representative of the swiss culture scene.
  • Anyone who is culturally active - swiss or non swiss - can be candidat - the only condition: half fare travelcard for th swiss railways
  • The minister of culture is two years on duty, then a new minister will be elected.
  • The ministry of culture is both a real and virtual platform for cultural debates.
  • The administration staff remains the same.

The swiss ministry of culture looks like an official institution including:

  • administration staff
  • periodical elections
  • political message
  • executive power (apparently)
  • Internet address

In Switzerland there are neither ministries nor ministers.
The swiss ministry of culture is:

  • art project, created in a pub
  • fake of a political institution
  • internet address - with the extension of a real person
  • cultural platform for politico-cultural debates and promotion.

The virtual address makes the ministry real!

A good label is:
  • trustworthy
  • up to date
  • full of information

Good brands are often traditional brands
It's hard to create a new brand on internet