Chapter 2: The new literary playground

A new playground has opened.

Digital media have profound social consequences - with a view of the literature:

  • globalization, or „anglicization"
  • new leisure activities
  • game-culture and new forms of narrative
  • competition for the press, the book shops etc.
  • the author's rights (and copyrights) under pressure

New rules and new strategies / concepts are appearing:

  • direct contact between author and reader
  • products (out of print books) on demand
  • global visibility
  • „multimediality"
  • new forms of participation
  • free access to content

The new slogan is: My home is my web address !

The Author website

Advertising slogan on a commercial site:
Congratulations! You've recognized that having your own writer website is a MUST for becoming a bestselling author. We'll help you optimize your book sales by offering an integrated plan for a very reasonable price.

For example:
link Julian Barnes: All about
link A.L. Kennedy: FAQ
link Elfriede Jelinek
link Kathrin Röggla: Texts and events
link Life as a blog: Wolfgang Herrndorf
link Alban Nikolai Herbst: The author's jungle

What to include on author websites:

  • Information about the work
  • Free texts
  • Information about the person
  • Pictures for the press
  • Contact Links
  • Events: readings, performances, lectures
  • News
  • Discussion function / blog
Author websites are:
  • Information for the readers and for publishing houses
  • Instruments for self-promotion
  • An open window to the world
  • A label, a brand

BUT: keep it up to date!